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I’ve decided that I should be drinking more wine, making a glass with dinner a more common occurrence. I enjoy a glass of wine, the health benefits are well known, and it’s a great way to wind down from a long day or loosen up a bit for a long evening.

Now, it’s not a whole lot less true than it was last time I wrote about this years ago – my expertise in wine is minimal, particularly compared to my knowledge of beers. It’s a bit daunting buying wine, but I’ve decided that I shouldn’t feel bad about sampling wines based on the most interesting bottles. After all, what better way to learn what you like that by sampling a wide variety in an essentially random fashion. That’s essentially how I learned what I know about beers. And while it is perhaps not as dense a topic as vino culture, the methodology should work as well. (Not to mention be more fun than listening to recommendations from snooty oenophiles.)

So here is my most recent haul:

Pretty Wine Bottles

We had a couple glasses of the Mano a Mano tonight with our Spanish dinner. It was nice, sturdy without being overpowering. (Maura thinks my description needs to be more descriptive in terms of the flavor notes, but I’m terrible at that.)

I’m posting this picture mostly to remind me to start updating my Cork’d profile. (Let’s be drinking buddies!)

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